Thursday, July 9, 2009

1. How are the locations of burial sites decided?
2. Who decides where a person’s deceased body will be buried? The family? The cemetery? Or both?
3. Are the family members able to put anything they would like on the burial plots, or are there limitations?
4. The graves sites for arranged for organizations like Deaconess for example, who are typical buried there? Any hospital staff? CEO’s? Board of Directors?
5. How often is the up keep on the cemetery done?
6. How does Spring Grove decide what trees/flowers they will plant?
7. How do they decide where to bloom the different trees/flowers? Is there any kind of direct organization for those decisions? Horticulture?
8. When people reserve land for their own and/or family burial sites or they limited to space and/or plots?
9. There was a section in Section 22 where there were about 10-15 plots with just names on them without dates. Are they left like that for a reason? Are they not deceased yet?
10. For the infant section, is it up to the family to decide whether they want to bury the infant near deceased relatives or in the infant section?
11. With the mausoleums where are the deceased bodies buried? On the inside? Underneath?
12. Are there any particular or special care given to the older plots or mausoleums?
13. Does the family have a choice to replace old plots?
14. As new ideas /themes evolve do they decide to expand and make new locations to carry out their new ideas?
15. Are the families of the deceased ones able to get inside the mausoleums whenever they want? Do they have their own keys?
16. Are the families able to help or give ideas for the landscaping and/or horticulture?
17. Once a site is picked and the deceased body is buried can a person be reburied in another section if the family wants the body moved?
18. How long do the plots usually last in good shape?
19. Can a family decide to add on to a particular grave site at any time after the plot is in place?
20. Does Spring Grove have a book of ideas to help with ideas for the plots?
21. Does Spring Grove have a gathering place for family members to mourn after a burial?
22. In Section 22, there was a burial site where a coffin was a plot, is the body still buried in the ground?
23. How deep are the bodies buried under ground?
24. Does Spring Grove replace broken plots due to nature damage?
25. Are families able to have mourning ceremonies in the cemetery any time they want to?

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