Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Gano's

The Gano's are located in section 22 at Spring Grove. Their vault is located on the outer linning of the section. The Gano family was one of the re-interments and was originally buried in a cemetery elsewhere and were reburied at Spring Grove. This occurred in the late 1960's. There is a big vault as the center plot and the individual plots are buried around the big vault. By Spring Groves records there are about 20 Gano's buried in section 22, including General John Gano. He is the head of this burial site. There is a lot of iconography on the Gano's vault. There is an all seeing eye on the very top of the vault. There are also lamb heads in the whole vault which represents children who have deceased. There are also baby angels at the bottom of the vault which are covered by bushes. I know there was an infant who passed at one month old. This family comes from a Christian religion background. There are a number of bibles on or around the plot. The site is very gorgeous, but I hate the fact that one side is covered with bushes and another side is covered by a tree.

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