Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mr. Tallmadge

It was nice having Mr. Tallmadge come in to talk to the class about his book, The Cincinnati Arch. I thought it was great that he even joined in the conversations about A Fine & Private Place although he didn't read the book. He was a very inspiring gentleman. He started out in search for work/a career and now is living in Cincinnati and has published a book. I was happy to hear what he though about Spring Grove and that his reflection on Spring Grove was what the founders of Spring Grove was trying to accomplish. Although he is a wilderness guy and won't admit that Spring Grove has transformed him I believed it has. I say this because he said his daughters has been transformed from what they have saw at Spring Grove and as they get older and their life reflects what they have seen at Spring Grove, then his life transforms slightly as his children grow. It is sort of a indirect change but it is still change that arose from Spring Grove. It was nice to have him in our class and he was a nice and easy person to talk to.

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