Thursday, August 20, 2009

Memorial Mausoleum

The Memorial Mausoleum was "Extravagant". I loved it. After visiting there last week I starting thinking about pre-planning my funeral plans. I would loved to be buried inside of the the Memorial Mausoleum. It was quiet and beautiful. The different marbles were stunning as long as the stain glass. I liked the idea of the Mary stained glass section because they had seven different flowers around her that represents being a virgin. The Noah's Arch so beautiful too. I was really impressed with the showcase of the different irons, books, vase, etc for the cremation remains. I have always said in the back of my head that I would not want to be cremated but I am having second thoughts. I would loved to be showcased on one of the shelves in a lovely designed iron, vase, or book. I was really moved by the quietness because it seems that families and enjoy the peace and quiet while memorizing family times during their visits. I was happy that we were able to visit another type of burial setting, which gave me some additional ideas for my family plot.

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