Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Norman Chapel

The Norman Chapel was excellent. I think it is a wonderful place to get married. All of the personalized craftsmanship made The Norman Chapel look unique. Just about every arch was craved differently for an astonishing look at every turn. Also the wonderful stain glass of our leader on the east side of the building would make the chapel glare of more art during the day. I think it was a good idea for Spring Grove to put a light outside on the east side of the lawn to shine light in even on evening events. This beautiful work of art travels through out of the chapel from front to back and in and out. The cravings also have their own unique design on each arch on the outside of the chapel. Whoever planned the design of the chapel most of put a lot of thought and talent into this project, and "OMG" the time it took for the chapel to be completed I am sure was long. This building has been there since 1880 and is still a beautiful place to see. Now I know what a bird beak pattern looks like.

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